Artificial Intelligence (AI) &
Machine Learning (ML)

Disrupting with AI & ML: Building Intelligent, Futureproof Solutions

We build AI & ML solutions that generate valuable, actionable intelligence.

Today's interconnected world generates vast swathes of data each second. Where AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) were already making significant strides in various industries.

Machine learning frameworks, tools, and APIs are available today that make it easier to adopt these next-gen technologies. Yet a yawning gap in skill sets is frustrating the process for many, leading to wastage of resources. Our machine learning expertise and experience fill that shortage, accelerating the business value of investments in innovative technologies.

Our all-encompassing AI product development services combine strategy, consulting, technology, and operations to create lasting value for your business.

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NLP (Natural Language Processing)

The capability of machines to understand human language is so advanced today that it is possible to create a wide range of applications with text and voice processing capabilities. Enable your business tools to comprehend the intent and sentiments behind what people speak and write.
With our strong machine learning skills plus expertise in classification algorithms, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, topic modeling as well as Python and Java, we bring to life self-learning NLP applications focused on improving process efficiency, product experience, and customer engagement.

Common NLP Applications

  Email Filter
Laungauge Transfer
Sentiment Analysis
Computer Vision

Put your visual data to work. With computer vision, you can turn your imagerial data into informed decisions.Optimize application/claim processing combining optical character Recognition (OCR) and robotic Process Automation (RPA). Add image description features to support low vision users.
Image recognition and classification, once a computationally complex feat, is now an effortless task for machines thanks to revolutionary advances in computer vision. By this we can achieve Automatic image processing, face detection/authentication, emotion analysis, text extraction, image captioning...these leading use cases of computer vision fall right within our expertise.

Common Computer Vision Applications

  Object Detection
Image Captioning
  Face Recognition
Vision Control
Predictive Analysis

Analysis of vast swathes of historical and real-time data can reveal patterns and relationships, from which future trends and behaviors can be accurately predicted. The crystal ball for your business success - anticipate opportunities, mitigate risks, and make smarter decisions.
Predictive analytics can help your business analyze what has happened in the past to predict what might happen in the future. Our Predictive Analytics services are meticulously designed to harness the power of cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning, elevating your business to the forefront of foresight and strategic planning.

Common Predictive Analysis Applications

  Prize Optimization
Anomoly Detection
  Demand Forcasting
Targeted Marketing
Video Analytics

AI-Based Video Analytics, also known as Video Content Analysis (VCA), Video AI or Intelligent Video, refers to the process of deriving actionable insights and conclusions from data gathered in the form of digital video. AI-Based Video Analytics simplifies and eases the burden of repetitive and tedious tasks of long-hour video observation by humans in prohibited areas of hospitals, residential buildings, industrial complexes, etc.
We also support our clients in other areas of video analytics application such as motion detection, queue/crowd management, monitoring traffic jams and parking violations, and attendance tracking.

Common Video Analytics Applications

  Attandance Tracking
  Queue Monitoring
In-Store Analysis
AI Assisted Decision Making

Decision-making is a frequent and often complicated event in running a business. With AI tools, we simplify and automate it for you. AI has enormous potential to transform decision-making across various industries. The technology can automate decision-making processes, analyze large data sets, and provide insights that humans may be unable to see. AI can analyze large data sets, learn from them, and make predictions or decisions based on that data. By using Ai we can provide decision making and Problem solving solutions We augment AI with business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools that help you make well-rounded and accurate decisions.

Common Decision Making Applications

  Health Care

Benifits of AI & ML

Unlocking Possibilities: AI & ML Transforming Tomorrow's World Today

Discover Hidden Insights

Anticipate customer preferences for enhanced personalization, pinpoint buying intent, and target high-conversion potential customers effectively.

Increased Productivity

Elevate business productivity via AI. Automate tasks, freeing your team for vital activities, enhancing efficiency, and streamlining processes.

Optimizing Resources

Proactively address and resolve potential roadblocks, improving efficiency, compliance, and cost savings while enhancing process quality through AI.